Best after market mods Wr450fy

Hey guys

I recently purchased an 09 brand new wr450fy and already did most of the free mods disconnected gray wire removed snorkel and uncorked exhaust.

Now I'm looking for some aftermarket power and need some help, my budget right now is about $450-$500 but with so many options it's hard to decide, so maybe some expirienced wr fan can tell me what would be the best option.

Also does the powerbomb fit in stock mid pipe.

Feed back will be greatly appreciated

I would take that cash and put it into improving the suspension, ie. springs for your weight and even a revalve if it fits the budget.

I don't mind the shocks Their great for were I ride I'm thinking dynatek cdi and header or hot cams I ride dirt and street no mx track.

Thanks for the tip though

YZ exhaust cam

YZ exhaust(stock OEM is fine)

If your bike has more area to let air in the airbox make the holes

Not sure about your year. My 04 had cast in cut outs under the right side airbox panel

If you want more power than that you bought the wrong bike

Thanx maxpower what about the intake cam it's 240$ both exhaust and intake hotcams and ti yz header is 91$

Yep, the yz header and silencer, 09 is the best year as the silencer was the shortest. And yes unless you are 140lbs soaking wet or ride slower that my 4 year old you will want to give the suspension some attention.

Make sure you jet the bike for any changes you are making.

Hey do you live in El Salvador. I spent some time down there. Where do you ride?

Thanx for the input I'm ordering the header and hotcams shortly the dealer doesn't bring any performance parts unless you special order them they told they would bring the yz pipe for $300 bucks and three weeks later, I was like forget that haha.

Yes kawi380 their some nice places to ride

Comasagua nice trails there I'm going to up

load I noticed there aren't any salvadorean tracks registered

Man I would love to get down there and ride. I have some friends who live in Escalon. I remember there being a track over there somewhere?? Los Planes?? Some day...

If you want serious power gains go with the DRD system, it absolutely rocks. Had the 09 yz stock system before, was not impressed, the oversized header flows too much and the silencer is too restricted.

But if I'm changing the exhaust cam wouldn't I want more flow, I've heard good things about dr.D and at a reasonable price actually I'd rather buy dr.d but don't know if I'd need a wider head pipe because of the hotcams

I put a YZ exhaust cam in my 08 WR. An 06 to be exact.

The Dr. D pipe is a good choice.

With those 2 mods and some carb jetting your bike will be a rocket.

I put a YZ exhaust cam in my 08 WR. An 06 to be exact.

The Dr. D pipe is a good choice.

With those 2 mods and some carb jetting your bike will be a rocket.

Does your bike start with the electric starter having installed the YZ cam? I've heard reports from several people that it's a real issue.

As far as mods after the free mods....FMF Powercore Ti and SS Power bomb along with a JD jet kit will wake the stock bike up nicely. When you find yourself wanting more...that's the time to start looking at cams, compression, big bore, etc.


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