06 WR450 jumping out of fifth

My WR has suddenly begun to jump out of fifth gear. It engages fine and then under power it selects a neutral and then reengages when you button off.

Does any one have any advice. I have drained the oil and it was clean of any metal filings or shavings.

sounds like a bent/worn shift fork

or dogs on the gears

Thanks for that, I would imagine everything would be worn. I neglected to mention the bike has done 40,000km at a conservative estimate, only to replace the water pump shaft and seal. Still kept going with out missing a beat. Will open up, probably just do a full rebuild while we at it. Would be curious to Know what mileage a bike would last for. All my mates with KTM/honda/kawa have all had major work under 5000km.

That's pretty darn good mileage right there! I know there's some guys on here that have somewhere near the same mileage as you, and there doing a rebuild too. Seems to me that after 20,000 miles, it's time for a rebuild, no matter what!!! Let us know how you make out. Maniac

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