You Gotta Love It

Was thinking of selling my 400 and getting a two stroke. Riding around Elsinore today changed my mind. You roll up on someone (who's)on a two stroke and they freak out (not everyone) I LOVE IT! They hear you coming, start rubber-necking,then slide off or pull over. The sound of the thumper scares the piss out of them. Then they get sandblasted by your roost.Was laughing so hard I had to pull off of the track. May still sell the 400, but won't buy a two stroke!

Yeah its great isnt it! I love getting behind little kids on 80's, pulling in the clutch and revving it to the rev limiter. they get so scared they will fall over! but be careful, my friend went to pass an 80 and as the kid looked over at him he unintentionaly swerved into him causing a bent header. Have fun.


Oh, you're tough, making kids crash. Maybe if you knew how to ride that thing you wouldn't have time to pick on little kids. Grow up!

You guys can keep up with those little punks on the 80's? Wow, you must be fast...


I remember when I raced 80's and being terrorized by an open bike was not a grown up's idea of fun. I do recall though that there were many older guys that were extremely courteous to me.

Every time I rode my 426 (when I had still had it) I would never think of doing such a thing to a small kid. Are you sure your not 12 yourself? Have some common decency and you'd be surprised at how the karma will come back around for you. Kind of like the high school bully that demands kids lunch money and reflects on his past while he's watching Jeopardy, eating his second tub of Ben and Jerry's, and still living at home with mom and dad. Some things just have a way of working themselves out.

This string has become depressing. The response about terrorizing kids was disheartening.

Yes, scaring kids is not very cool. Scaring adults is ok, though.

I thought he was kidding. I thought it was funny. But that’s just me...

I though it was funny too, not taking it too seriously. Some of you guys are starting to sound like me...

I've found in my brief stint here on planet earth that Karma has a way of biting you in the @ss when you least expect it.

Peace out man!


I personally have been terrorized by these so called kids on 80's! You all make it seem like they are being abused but just wait 'till one cuts you off in the corner or lands on your leg over the double...maybe then you won't worry so much about making a little thumper thunder behind them. I say all's fair in racing and love...let 'em have it! They're like pesky little bees blowing smoke all over the place and running wild.

Man, some of you are WAY too uptight...Of course I'm joking and I hope you can gather that from the tone of this post.

Remember,,,you must BE the change you wish to see in the world...

Peace All, :)


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