Weighed some bikes...

03 YZF450 = 243# Full of gas

03 CRF450 = 240# Full of gas

03 WRF450 = 268# Full of gas, bark busters, GPR, skid plate etc...

02 WRF426 = 278# ", "...

A buddy of mine weighed these at the Honda/Yamahahaha shop he works at.

When I am riding, there is astonishingly 520+#'s running up the trail compared to RC at about 350#'s.


cool results. That is interesting about the 426 and 450 wr's, i wonder who weighs these things when the weights on the website

I'm questioning the WR450 being 10#'s less than the 426. I've carried both up and down the trials and the 426 seemed way lighter.

I doubt that the 426 weighs more than the 450 as well. It's not quite a fair comparison either since the 426 holds more fuel.

I've got 490lbs. haulin' butt down the trail. I'll take the extra weight anyday rather than be a 5' 2" munchkin (no offense intended, short people!) :)

Man short people suck. :D I say we deport everyone who is shorter than 6'2" so manufacturers will start making things that accommodate taller people. :D :D j/k Naw, let's just lynch some engineers. :)

I have a very accurate scale at work, my WR450 stock without skidplate and barkbusters with no gas is exactly 262lbs. His scale seems to be off a little. With gas your bike should weigh at least 286.


Hey Damnit, I'm short at 5'7" on a good day. :)

These bikes are huge for me. I just try and not touch the ground. That's the main reason I may go back to a 250 for the next bike.

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