Throttle Problems

I removed my carb. to re-jet. Everything worked great except my throttle hangs wide open. Any suggestions?

Thanks guys.......

I had that happen to and it was because the throttle cable wetre being pinchec by the gas tank. Check the routing of the throttle cables? :)

Whenever I rejet I reconnect the throttle cable to the carb wiith the tank off. Set your dual throttle cable slack and check your throttle motion before ever putting the tank back on. If the problem occurs after the tank is on you may be pinching something or have your throttle tube hanging up on something. :)

Thanks for the suggestions. I did have the tank off when installing, i really don't know what occurred. But with some minor throttle cable adjustments it works good. :)

Mine did the same thing, for me it was the two adjustable nuts on the throttle cable on the carb end they have to be just right. :)

im having that problem as we speak when i was trying to set up for a race and setbacks were occuring one after another.i had to skip the race because i didnt want to see how fast i can go around the track 5th gear pinned!

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