Leaking O ring chain ?

While inspecting the bike I noticed that the chain was kind of wet. The lub looks like is coming out of the rollers ! And the O ring seems to be enlarge, puffed. I checked if it didn't come from the contershaft seal, it's ok.

Is it normal ? I used a pressure washer we have at work , but I took care not to aplly direct pressure to the chain. I suppose water still got in the rollers and displaced the lube :).

Is there a way to get rid of this situation ?

Is there a way to "inject" lube pass the O ring back on the rollers ?


Is a new chain the only answer ?

My sprockets are in really good shape, so far I adjusted the chain on three occasions, and very small adjustement.

I have near 1800 kms and always take good care of it. May be too good :D.

Re-reading my post is like answering it, I'll stop the worries and get an another X/O ring chain before there is damage to the sprockets.

What's the latest hottest most reliable one right now ?

Any suggestions are welcomed


Dont worry about the lube dripping out. When the chain starts to kink and wont sag evenly from sprocket to sprocket after cleaning and lubing it up. toss it! Unless you are running Ironman heat treated tool steel sprockets you are most likely going to have to replace them as well. Inspect carefuly and decide. Any top brand O-ring chain will do you just fine. :)

If the orings are swelled up, maybe the wrong chain lube was used? Many of these must say "OK for o-ring chains", petroleum products tend to swell rubber. The chain should feel stiff from the orings being in good shape, if the chain becomes limp, its no good. If dirt has entered past the orings, soon, it will chaffe the pin, crate a stress riser where the chain will start breaking. My theory is, if it breaks once, replace it, many breaks usually follow. If the chain flexes or no longer feels stiff from snug orings, replace it.

That's what I thought. It's just that I didn't want to dig in my not so deep pocket again :).


Dont sweat the small stuff like damaging your sprockets because of leaking lube or what not. Just ride it, and when the chain really looks worn out, then replace it, and replace both sprockets at the same time.

My last chain lost 20% of the o-rings over time. I found that if I lubed the chain everytime I rode it did not make much of a difference. This past change I decided to go with a non-O-Ring chain and see if it wears any better on my 426.

Bonzai :)

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