Zip Ty/Terry Cable fuel screw

I just installed one (terry cable fuel screw) in my '02 WR426. It does not butt up into the cavity (hole) like the instructions state and show. If you have one on/in your bike can you let me know if the knob is say 2mm below the 'hole' when fully seated.


Look at there website, there may be some info.

Mine wasn't as close as the pic should either.I haven't had any problems and have been using it for 6 months or so.If you'd like when i get home i can measure it for you.

Bill :)

You should be able to pull the screw out and tell if it butting all the way up to where it needs to be. The seat will be aluminum color not red if it is going all the way. Be cautious NOT to overtighten though, I've heard of alot of people who get them too tight and messes things up. Chuck

Yeah like the guy who installed the screw, tightened it up like instructed, broke the tip of the screw off in the carb and has to send the carb down to Zipty to get it out.(That would be myself I'm talking about) It was a bad thing!! Zipty was very supportive during the ordeal but the instructions should warn about overtightening the screw not worrying about it hitting a false bottom before it's all the way in.. I'm still not sure my carb is "well" from this mishap but it runs OK. :):D

Jim - the whole 'false bottom' statement is what lead me to this post. My fuel screw is 2mm below the 'hole' not up close like the picture shows.

I do feel for your situation, but I grew up with a Dad that was a mechanic. I was taught real young how tight - tight is given the bolt/nut/screw diamter.

I just put the screw in - snug only, then turned it back out to my desired setting.

Thanks for your reply, as well as all the others. I did not have a chance to start the bike tonight, but will ride it tomorrow. I am assuming it is installed properly.

I wouldn't be concerned about it at all. I have used the Kouba T handles on my bikes for a long time. The chamber that the "Fuel Screw is sealed when the screw is initially seated." Unless you back it out all the way, Trash is not going to get in there.

Bonzai :)

Once again thanks to all who replied.

I rode the bike today and the fuel screw was 'seated properly'. Since this was my first ride on the bike, and the first ride after my complete jetting overhaul, I used the fuel screw quite a bit. I am at 2 1/2 turns out, so I will probably have to go up to a 40p. It is still a bit slow to return to idle above 5500'.

I really did enjoy the bike, but the 14/45 gearing has got to go. That does not work on a WR, at least not the way I ride.

Do any of the aftermarket fuel screws come with oring and washer? Yup, I was cleaning my carb and I lost them. Yamaha sells them with the FS as an assembly for $36! Ouch!

Mine did NOT come with the washer or o-ring. You might want to try Terry Cable. All 3 of my experiences with them have been great. They may be able to supply them to you.

- ALSO - In my last post I meant to say below 5500' not above.

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