Just cheating to get to 200 posts by the end of the day. :)

Why not just post something! Like where you are riding this weekend. Invite someone. :)

I am riding in Daniel Boone forest this weekend. S-Tree campground. PM me if anyone wants to hook up.

TT is great! :D :D

I am going to be working this weekend if someone wants to come by and look thru the chapparral catalog or the new Mack's Prairie Wings catalog. :)

Oh yeah, FSMX at the fairgrounds Monday night.


Bummer you got to work all weekend! :)

I can't

believe someone

Would do such a cheap

Post just to get thier count up.

Endurodog, at least your was a cool way! :):D

200 posts in just over a year, huh?!?!! Good job you post whore you!! J/K... :D:)

Hey look Im posting for no reason to get up my count to :D, not that I really need it :).

Hey look now I got 1380, one more closer to Addict, which I totally am.

I have a feeling Admin is going to step in and remove all the "post count" numbers next to everyones name if needless posting continues.

Im not saying not to do it anymore, Im just saying if they do remove the post count then I can say "Told you so!" rude.gif

Why would they remove the Post count? It's kinda fun to see how much time people spend on the computer rather than out on their bikes. I'm pretty sure once I get my '04 450F that I will be posting less and riding more.

Some goofy guy accused me of trying to "get my count up" one day. Funny thing was that I have been a member on TT twice as long and he had twice as many post. (pot calling kettle black thing)

Is there some kind of "ego pump" I'm missing here about a large number of posts? Is it sorta like how many woman you've had carnel knowlege with? He He He.

Let's get back to the real issues 'what's the best kinda oil'






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