Someone in the YZ forum needed to see your Zerk photos again...


Hey Bill,


Someone in the "kiss my as$" :) forum

wants to see the pics of the lettering on the back of your jersey again.

:):D :D



I'm leaving for Iron mtn. road riding now, pm me if you want to meet and I'll tell you how the riding was :)

Who is riding Stoneyford this weekend?

Or actually who is NOT riding Stoney this weekend?

Where's my boy indijinous?

ah what the hell... i'll get a cheap one in too.

it's not that i'm a follower, i just do what everyone else does. this way i don't have to be original :)

Atta boy chopper :)

If quiters never win and winners never quit, where did the saying "quit while your still ahead" come from?

If nothing sticks to teflon how do they get teflon to stick to the pan?

Thats one of those things that make you say, hmmmm :)


I'm sorry, but I had to follow you guys down this road just to get to 400 before I went to bed.

Later, Kelly

I went Bronze on this thread.

My apologies, Bill. :D

It sounded as if you were being sarcasitc to me. Didnt it? Or mabye I was just being paranoid. :)

Its just that you jumped me in another thread about the "grey wire" (and it seems there was something else)....

I thought you were busting my balls.

Anyway, I guess Im just a sensitive nanny... :D

Take care, and again, I apologize. :D

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