how do u remove yosh spark arrester

took out scearw but cant get insert out .whats the trick?

Put it out in the sun after spraying some WD 40 on it or the rust penetration stuff. Probably has carbon build up on it keeping it snug.

I have the RS-2 on my DR-z and found that the end cover was held on with both silicone and the screw that holds the spark arestor in. So after removing the screw I had to gently pry and try not to damage the anodized end cap.

It is a PITA !!!!!!!, I used the spring puller that was supplied with the bike to put on the pipe connection springs. The puller has a little hook on the end and I inserted it into the spark arrestor until I could get it into the screen directly behind the tube where the screen begins. Then I used it to pull on the tube portion of the spark arrestor forward until it finally came out. Be carful not to put large holes in the screen at the tube connection while getting a grip on the tube. I was able to get it out with allot of patience and careful placement of the hook. When It came out there was no damage to the screen as the hook is very small on the end and can fit into the screen holes without enlarging them. Be careful an good luck.

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