Radiator guards

Crashed and trashed my radiator last weekend so I will now buy some gaurds/braces. :) My ? is do I still need the stock plastic guards to mount to, or do the new guards have provision for mounting w/o the stockers? I am trying to determine if I need to order a new stock guard. Thanks.

Concensus on this board is that the Flatlands Racing are the best. http://www.flatlandracing.com :)

Absolutely. I won't ever buy anything from devol again.

I have already ordered the flatland guards, and works connection braces and hope to incorporate the two as I have read about on one of Indy's old posts. I was just wondering if I still need to use the stock guards. Thanks

Stock guards are a joke. Toss them out. PM me with your email address and I will send you pics on how to mount the braces to the guards. It is the best protection set up. You will see a huge difference in flex immediately. :)

Both the Flatlands and the Devols have their good points and bad.

The Devols have better coverage and extend to the top and bottom of the coolant tank....Flatlands do Not.... The rear brace on the Devol is attached with a bolt while the flatlands is an integrated part. The Flatlands are a bit heavier than the devols in density.

Neither is designed to take a hit at high speed without allowing some damage to occure (They are aluminum, after all) I have pretty good success with them both, as a matter of fact I'm getting ready to order a new set for my YZ426 this weekend, and honestly it will come down to the better price as to which one I buy.

Bonzai :)

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