Mounting options for a Trailtech Endurance with a Scotts

I've got an old Trailtech Endurance computer collecting dust in my garage that I'd like to put on my 09 YZ450F. I've got a Scotts stabilizer on it with the OTB Scotts mount. I'd like a clean mounting solution that accommodates both, if it exists.



The Trailtech computer comes with a universal mount that will go to your handlebars. They also make an aluminum guard that will put the computer right in front of the damper but we will need to flip the body of the damper around to clear. To flip the body around you will need to pull the arm off with a puller tool and then a vice to press the arm back on. this will not affect how the damper works at all or the mounting of your damper either way.



Cool, thanks for the info Eric!!

BTW, just to try and stir the pot:

SCOTTS > GPR!!! :ride:

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