WR for moto

Thought I would switch things up this weekend so I did a revalve on the 08wr450 with more motolike settings and took it to the track. My wr is full street legal so I did get some wierd looks.

The bike did ok. I expected to feel the weight but it really wasn't that bad. The only time I really noticed it was if I shorted a jump which I ended up doing a time or two. :ride:

Although not the best moto bike it was nice to see how she does in the air. My rm250 will still be the wagon of choice for moto work, but a little change was good. I also think I will leave the stiffer valving in and see how she does on the trail.

Anyone else use their wr at the track every now and again??

I've taken mine to the track a lot (several tracks). I had the suspension done for motocross and that's about it for moto mods aside from radiator guards, cycra hand guards, and a hyde racing skid plate, which are really for the trail. It's heavy but it does pretty well and it's very fun at the track.

I also have an RM250 and a KTM 380, and I notice that people try much harder to beat me on my WR. It gets a little annoying after a while. It's especially bad with kids and teenagers because they don't want to get passed by a bike with a headlight.

When I went on vacation to Texas I could only bring one bike, so the street legal WR was the obvious choice. I was able to dual sport almost every day, but I had to get a day of MX in, too, so the WR was put to work at the track. It's definitely not a jumper, but it did the trick. I love the looks you get after you pass someone and they see signals and a plate.

Good to hear I am not the only one trying the street legal machine out on the track.:ride:

I will when following a beginner rider. So nice having a sidestand and e-start with all the frequent stop-go-stop-go. But I do give myself a big reminder of "this is not your YZ250, this is not set up for what you think you can do, do not show off and jack yourself up."

I've ridden mine a fair bit at the track. With the Smart Performance suspension mods she handles quite well, even when coming up short :ride:

These days it's pretty hard to get me off my RM250 though. I'm pretty much fully switched back to 2 strokes. The WR only comes out on dual sport type cruises...

WR450 at the track.

she rips it up.

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