check-point stub holders

Do any of you guys use, or have you seen, anything kinda trick for holding check-point stubs during deset races? I'm currently using a medicine bottle with some duct tape over the top and a slit cut in that, but I have to believe there is something cleaner than this. I'm trying to come up with something myself but thought I'd check to see if anyone here had a good idea.


Nobody mass produces one for bike guys, only car racers.

Team Green used to machine trick ones for thier factory bikes. We copied their idea and made a few which have since disappeared.

You're on the right track with the little bottle and you'll be as factory as anyone else nowdays!

I use the handy little nail and screw holders/containers that are sold at HomeDepot. Product is called a 'Viewtainer' They are clear plastic with a pinch and open mouth- work great with a zip tye or two. I bought the first one from a vendor at the Baja 1000 in Ensenada for $10...

HomeDepot sells them for $1....

A 35mm film canister with some duct tape over the mouth and a slit would probably work.

Must be fun riding down there after the hurricane!



Thanks for the ideas guys.

Not too much change after the hurricane, at least right around here. Everythings getting green now and the cows are alot happier.

There's a shop in Anaheim called McKenzie's that sells spun aluminum stub cans. I hose clamped and duct taped mine on the bars and it lasted 440 miles at one of the 500's. You can reach them at 714-441-1212.

I saw your thoughts on a custom Stub can holder. I'm almost done with one for our Baja 1000 bike.I'll send a picture once it's finished(welded).I took a clutch perch,removed material where the pivot bolt was.Took a piece of aluminum rod stock drilled and opened it up untill it became a "can".It will be welded to the "perch" so that when you are sitting on the bike it will be facing outwards towards the grip.Also,the can opening uses ared rubber cap(with a slit opening).I'll have a picture this week. Brian.

Thanks Brian, that would be helpful.

Thanks for the phone number redrdr

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