HICK- a 450 question for you

If Hick is still around, I know he did the 450 kit to his 426 and I was wondering how it was working out...


It is all good Mike. I recently got to ride an ’01 YZF (and a WR as well) so I’m reacquainted with the baseline, so to speak. The overbore vs. 426 is almost the same as the two-six vs. the four honey. Almost a gear difference in some situations, worth a few teeth out back in all cases. BUT I also got the high compression (13.5:1) version of the Wiseco, so that makes a big difference too. Anybody replacing their piston who rides at elevation should consider a higher compression piston IMO. It may be hard to believe but my bike runs fine on pump gas (at 4k ft.).

Vibration is a tiny bit more noticeable than the ’01 I rode, and it is easier to stall (if you can imagine that), I’m guessing the extra compression is the bigger culprit here.

I probably have 40 hours on it with no problems, I did blow a head gasket initially but that was probably my fault (that is another story).

For those who haven’t heard Wiseco makes a 97 mm piston for the 426 (can be done to a 400 but you will need a 426 rod and barrel) which bumps displacement to 444. I mailed my cylinder to Eric Gorr (920-356-074) in Wis. and he sent me back a bored and replated cylinder, piston, rings and gaskets for around $350. A lot of bang for your buck when you think about it.

I still haven’t gotten around to drag racing a 520 though, I’ll be sure to let you know how that turns out, my friend has one...

And no, I’m not crazy (people are always asking me that).

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