hill climbing sprockets

Can anyone suggest what sprocket sizes to go with for hill and steep trail climbing on a YZ? I did some trail riding in Virginia yesterday and found my gears way to high for pulling steep hills in first gear. Lots of clutch slipping was needed!

I know what you mean since I only took my YZ426 on a trail once and noticed that first gear was much too high. From what I've read, you can only add about two teeth to the rear before you run into chain guide interference problems. Maybe adding those two teeth and subtracting one from the front sprocket could get you into the ballpark.

Cheaper and easier to go down one tooth on the front sprocket. One tooth on the countershaft equals about 3-4 teeth on the rear sprocket.

I put a 53 on the rear with no clearance problems whatsever. In the woods its great, but on the MX track its a little to steep. Good Luck! :)

I went down one in the front and up two in the rear. Hill climbing is a hoot with the 426!! Much easier than the old CR500 of mine. As long as you are smooth with your throttle input, try not to let off after you have started the hill.... The clutch slipping need goes away.

Remember, momentum is your friend!


Thanks for the replys gentleman....Tim, when you went down one tooth on the front did you have to change the sprocket cover? I'm curious because that little ramp that rides in the middle of the chain and sprocket on the front seems (by common sense) to function as something to keep the chain on the sprocket????? Maybe im wrong but it seems like thats the place the rattle comes from at cruise throttle settings. Hmmmm!?? It could just be the chain slapping the rubber swingarm protecter. (or whatever that thing is called)

I took off that front sprocket cover. It seemed to only collect crap every time I rode. It is hard to clean out 100% also... I think the noise you hear from coasting or steady throttle is simply chain slap, I am not worried about that noise.

Happy Hill climbing


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