Hello and thanks

Just wanted to say hello all and thanks to many for sharing their info.This is without a doubt the most informative site I have found . :)

If it weren't for the many usefull contributions to this site there would be alot of wr450's still running like xr250's. Thank goodness. After coming off a modified 70 HP @rear wheel :D(read -retarded-) CR500 I thought I had bought a dawg. Well after uncorking the bike I am almost completely satisfied.

Did somebody say they were getting 58HP out of these bikes ? Point me that way please. Ohh yah :D

Just curious as why you put in a yz throttle stop and cut the grey wire I thought this was only a USA thing. I know mine didnt need the throttle shortened I am not to sure about the grey wire though. Did you make it out to the vega hare scramble. :)

Welcome to the Fourm. The only rule is, that when you learn something new, pass it on....

Bonzai :)

The throttle stop was the short one, and the grey wire I disconnected anyways *(did not cut it). When I brought the bike home the jetting was off so bad that I could hardly start it with the kick starter, The e start would never have got it running -I tried the battery died. The thing was so plugged up I started modifiing it before it even had 10 km on it. I was so dissapointed I just started doing all the mods I could info about. What an awesome machine now. But I was ready to return it to the dealer after my first 2 minute ride. I guess I was so frustrated and the only info was about US machines at the time. I picked mine up in early February.

Yamaha should have put a 5 speed in the Yz. They would sella ton more of them. Everybody wants the power, but a 4 speed is good for motocross only. Who needs electric start now. Mine starts 1st kick.

No I did not make it to Vega, I work shiftwork.

But I plan to do as many Hare scrambles as possible and a few moto's with it in 2004. :)

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