Gas in my oil? 02 yz426

I checked the oil after a ride like always and it looked really clear like brand new oil and i recently changed the oil and everything was fine then. So i took a rag and dabbed the dipstick on it and smelled it and it smelled a little of gas. Is there anything I am going to change the oil again before I ride and check it to see if it looks funny. Also I am not the greatest at this yet but would that mean a cracked head? what other possibilities might this be? Is it anything? Also I know i have seen the countless forums about pipe glowing red hot. Is this normal for big bore 4s? could I get a new header pipe and exhaust system to help the engine run cooler? Thanks!

Very unlikely that you are getting gas into your oil. Not impossible though. How well does the bike run?

If you suspect a cracked head (also unlikely) keep an eye on your coolant level...if you are losing coolant it is most likely a bad head gasket. Just make sure that you are not overheating the bike and losing coolant out of the overflow.

A new exhaust will not make the bike run cooler.

If it's running extremely rich fuel could be getting past the rings and in to the oil.

If you've seen the countless threads about the glowing header pipe then you know it's normal when the bike is sitting still.

Actually i just got my 426 and its been sitting for awhile well i changed the oil and i swore i smelled gas in the oil but the consistency of the oil would not agree so maybe u did smell a little gas

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