First Red Sticker Ride

I just returned from my first "Red Sticker" ride near Ocotillo Wells and it was so darn fun! :) I am fortunate that my family owns a small vacation place there so I was somewhat safe as I was on private property for most of my riding. Since the season ends on May 15 for us thumperheads, I chose to stay just outside the park limits, but why do I feel guilty for riding? Does this mean that now I am an outlaw? What a really cruel thing this red sticker prgram. Who could I possibly be offending in the middle of nowhere when it is over 100 degrees? There is not alot of recreation to be had in this heat with the exception of us in the off-roading community. FYI - I was told by my local shop that Gorman is issuing $500 citations for red sticker bikes. Be careful!


Why feel guilty?? I recently got the registration for my 01 426 and got a green sticker. :) I know I am not supposed to have it but the State of California Department of Motor Vehicles are a bunch of idiots. :D

I can roll up my garage door and ride the hills and green sticker areas without a worry.

Remember, your not busted until you get caught.


$500 per citation sounds like an illegal revenue stream.

It would interesting to see what violation they are citing for since there is really no "red sticker" law that I am aware of.

In addition to this, many of the county parks I ride at (aka Hollister) are allowing red sticker bikes in for the reminder of this season. If it was so illegal, why would a goverment run facility allow this to occur?

In either event, it sounds like some law enforcement agencies need some help understanding the difference between a law and an excuse to pass out citations.



I ride Ocotillo Wells a lot and currantly live only about an hour away from there. I'll be moving up to Orange County sometime this summer and was curious how long it takes you to get out there? Also how do you get out there?



When in doubt, GAS IT!

What are you, YELLOW?

As a county sheriff deputy I can attest that there is definately too much "cash register" law enforcement going on. Way too many "cops" writing for anything they can without any forethought as to the image "they" give to law enforcement in general. Today's Chief's, Sheriff's, ect. are more concerned about the education of future employee's (I.E. College degree)rather than the actual ability to do the job. (Book smart vs. street smart)


I live in the Redondo Beach area and the trip out to Ocotillo Wells takes me about 3 1/2 hours+/-. Of course, this also depends if I am towing the trailer or if I put the bike in the back of my truck. My riding buddies are located in the Whittier area so I take the 10 Frwy out to Indio and then head south on the 86 expressway to the 78 then head West to the riding area. I believe that your best bet from Orange County would be across the 78 outside of Oceanside to Escondido. Then east through Julian and into the riding area. I have taken various routes through that area quite some time ago but it was a bit tight with a trailer and it does snow in Julian during winter months. Hope this helps and good luck with the move.


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