2006 YZ450F won't idle properly

Hey guys, I've got a 2006 YZ450F anniversary edition, and I’m having a bit of trouble with it, The bike idles good then when you crack the throttle it revs up normally but then wont idle back down properly, but if you give the idle adjust screw a slight turn in either direction it seems to idle back down, anyone have any ideal on what the problem is?

It's lean. That could be from a plugged pilot jet, and air leak, or tight intake valves.

The carb has been cleaned already and still no change, I also ran the bike with the air box off, and noticed that the slide in the carb was fluttering up and down slightly, is this normal? Could this be part of my trouble?

3x for lean. If it has been sitting or had bad fuel through it it is probley the pilot jet. Blocked with varnish or dirt.

Just had the carb apart the other day and it was all clean inside, all jets were clear and open, all looked normal

How does your Vacuum Plate (on the slide) and it's seal look? Also, if you had your carb apart (like, say, for cleaning) recently, be certain you got that seal on correctly.....


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