Wr450 Suspension help

I ride an XR650 and i just rebuilt my front and rear suspension following Borynack's very detailed valve stack setups for many different riding styles and its amazing. My riding buddy has a (not sure of the year) WR450, its the last year for the steel frame. Anyway he wants me to help with his suspension and im not finding as much info on the WR as far as re-shiming. He's about 175 lbs and wants it set up for fast desert riding. Big woops occasional drops, etc. Has anyone composed a similar shim guide for the WR? Or could someone give a suggestion of what they did? Spring rate, shim stack, oil,etc.

Thanks a lot.

You might want to list this in the Suspension forum also, you'll probably get more help. Maniac

Order DaveJ's DIY kit and be done with it!

Perfect. Thanks for the info.

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