How much diff will a headder make

Okay I know I am a cheapskate :). How much difference will a head pipe make. I am having a hard time coughing up 4-5 bills for a complete system. I would love to but ouch. The back half of the system is an easy answer. So has anybody compared the difference is it big or small?



While replacing the can saves ya some weight, and noticable performance improvements, IMHO the header change is not so dramatic. And really it totally depends on the upgreades to the rest of the machine, and on what kind of change you want. Tighter/smaller header means more backpressure, and so more hit down low. Bigger header with free flow can and opened up airbox/re jetted carb mean it will run faster on top. If you are cheap and dont race, and ride tight woods-no need to change the header. If you are a motard guy who needs to really take 5th to the rev limiter, then consider it.

Of course theres more to it. The length of the header and the ability of the header to maintain a high temperature are also issues. Ti headers tend to shed to much heat, and longer headers tend to allow for a more even exhaust pulse...both effecting performance.

In short-its not as great an addition as ya might think, and can even 'slow ya down' down low, if not done with the right combos. i.e. it will effect other aftermarket additions on the bike. Better investment for performance is a hot cam, Edelbrock carb, or cut out airbox, HRC piston-for sure. After ya have that, consider the header.

-just my opinion.


Thanks Mike good info


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