emergency timing change error

the marks on the chain had rubbed off during the change, and dont know where it is supposed to be at! :excuseme:shall i continue to freak out, or is there a somewhat simple solution to this problem? :)

I would say you could line the bottom mark on the crank and use the marks on the cam. If no marks on the cam, ask someone to post pics of their bike and count the links between the tops of the cams. Just identify the bike. Hope this helps.

well, no responses yet[but thats o.k.].the chain has been installed,correctly i think, andthe bike started right up.i let the bike warm up to test it with my fingers crossed, and stalled after running fine for a minute or two.there on after, it would stall after running for ten seconds? would this problem be as simple as rejetting, or could it be a timing issue stalling it out? also i have not put the bike in gear yet.


Look at Motomans site hare on TT. The YZ timing section gives some good unfo, some photo's and should help you become familiar with the cam setup. Also check


This site if for the 250 but the info is the same. You mention the marks came off your chain. Were these marks you put on to help reinstallation? Line up your crank at TDC and install the cams with punch marks at 9-12 and 3 oclock. On my bike the punch marks weren't exact. The intake was turned a little right and exhaust a little left with WR timing. Have fun.

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