Choke won't stay open: what did I do?


Sorry to be a pain after owning this bike for 3 days, but...

I picked up an '03 WR450 this weekend - my first real 4 stroke. It has a few minor issues, the most significant was fuel pouring out of the float bowl overflow constantly as soon as you open the petcock. It runs like a champ.

Let me preface the following problem description: I'm no mechanic, but I try.

Today, I took the carb off and removed the float bowl, cleaned out the jets, removed the float, needle and pin to inspect. It was all pretty dirty, so I gave everything a good soak. I didn't see any glaring issues with the float mechanism, so I reassembled everything. After putting on the tank, I opened the petcock fuel leak. Yet. I hope it was dirt causing the float to stick. I'll keep the petcock open all day tomorrow and check for leaks.

Went to fire it up and I noticed that the Cold Choke (which I did not remove from the carb) will not stay open by itself. I can't tell from the exploded view of the Keihin FCR MX39 whether or not the Hot Start (which I did remove from the top of the carb) in someway interacts with the Cold Choke or not...

I apologize if this topic has been addressed, but I searched for "choke" but didn't see any matches for this topic.

BTW, I can't believe how much stuff you need to take off to work on this carb. This must be a real bear to work on out in the field.

Any advice would be welcomed - hope to ride it this weekend.


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My 04 does the same thing. There's supposidly 2 ways to fix it.

1. buy a new choke assy 5TA-14171-00-00

2. pull the boot on the choke back, exposing the little black plastic clips that spring into the grove on the choke shaft.. somehow add tension by either putting lockwire, or tape, or... on the fingers to apply slight inwards pressure.


you could just kick the motor normally and hold the lever out until she's running (which is what I do).

Just like rs25 said. I've got mine jetted quite well, so I only need the choke on for about 5 or 10 seconds at the most. Maniac

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