04 YZ450F cylinder head

any suggestions on a source for a complete head , besides OEM ? Seems like $800+ is my only option , at the moment ... thanx for your insight

get it ported and polished. dont know if you'll find a complete head for under that? ive herd people getting awesome gains from porting and polishing. i did my own port and polish job. i pry ruined it tho. didnt know what i was doing. seems to run a little better tho. but if you get it professionally done, it will haul ass

You could always get the GYTR ported head assembly. It's ready to bolt on for a low price of $1400, LOL! What's wrong with yours? It's likely it can be repaired.

Look for used heads on eBay or CL. '03-'05 YZ450, '03-'06 WR450, and the YFZ Quad up to '08 will fit.

If you ruined the cam bores or even dropped a valve, there's still a chance yours can be repaired economically. Contact Engine Dynamics.

thank u for the replies. I don't yet know the condition, as it is a pending purchase. I doubt I would go the GYTR route, and would be willing to repair it, if possible. I'm just looking at "worst-case-scenario" , 'cuz its been into before, and the kid doesn't know much about it. Plus, he was a "trail rider", not a racer, who may have kept up with maintenance/valve adjustments...I'm gonna offer him $700., and if he takes it, I'll open it up, and see what I'm in for ! I also proly wouldn't go the used route on Ebay, cuz u just never know what you're getting ...I'll already have a used head anyway. Maybe new valves,and gaskets ? That'd be too EZ for me ! Thanx again ! I should stick w 2 strokes !

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