best oil for 04 450?

so i know more about 2 stroke snowmobile motors than 4 stroke bike motors, so in a sled motor you cannot use any sort of synthetic for the break in. it will cause the rings to not break in right. so for the first hour or so i have casterol 10W30 in it. is that a good oil to be running? its not synthetic, and im going to the sand dunes this weekend and im wondering what oil you guys think i should put in it.

You might do a search. There are a ton of threads on this topic.

Some say synthetic is OK to break in these days; I still use conventional for at least the first hour or so. Then I change it back to what I normally run; Mobil1 Racing 4t 10w-40 or Mobil1 V-Twin 20W-50(hot/summer-time riding).

You're not going to get "The Best Oil" answer, just everybodies opinion. So my advice would be to pick up any good motorcycle synthetic oil and stick with it.

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