426 for me?


I'm new on the forum and I currently have a 95 yamaha warrior (4 wheeler) and want to sell it to buy a newer 426 but I was curious what some of my fellow canucks have seen them sell for brand new? I'm currently looking/thinkin about buying this one http://www.canadatrader.com/trader/result/affich.asp?sid=32XUXWT2087722&rubno=4400&pa=1&pr=1

(I hope this link works this site sometimes has link errors)

also what are your thoughts on the dual big gun exhaust?

Also does this seem like a fair price?

also will the motor run good on regular (died gasoline for farms?)



The link works.

6,500 Canadian is currently around $4,200 American, which would be a fair price for that bike down here, IMO, but I’ll defer to the Canadians (I know there’s another one around here somewhere).

One drawback to the SDS Big Gun thing is that you cannot run an IMS desert tank because the petcock doesn’t clear the upper header. I have no other opinions of that exhaust, but the stocker works great and is probably a bit quieter, so ask the seller if he still has it.

When you say “died” gasoline I presume you mean colored (for off-highway use only), not deceased. That fuel may not have sufficient octane, the manual calls for 95 (RON), using a lower octane fuel could damage the motor.

I didn’t know there were any Bubbas in Canada.

Thansk for the reply,

I'm going to look at the bike tonight and was wondering if there are any week spots (mechanical errors) on that model year that I should watch out for?



Yo Bubba- that sounds like a fair price if it's in good shape. I couldn't get the link to work but I'll assume it's a '00 model. You might look back at the older posts here to get an idea of the weak spots of this bike but mainly you want to check the clutch for smooth operation, also the rear hub seems to be a weakness so look at this closely. Another thing that several have reported has been cracked gas tanks and if I remember right several of the guys have said theirs cracked on the rear top, right under the front of the seat. Good luck...


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