Which WR450F?

I can get a leftover 2009 for $5800 (and Yamaha has $750 in customer cash incentive) for a total of around $5500 out the door with taxes and such...

Option 2 is a 2005 with a claimed 500 miles (Any way to verify this on the bike?) that needs a battery for $2250.

I am somewhere between a ridiculously slow B rider and a really fast D rider, :thumbsup: I plan to mainly ride trails for fun, and maybe enter a HS event to try it out later down the road.

Assuming the 2005 is in good shape, is there $3000 worth of difference with the aluminum frame and such?



No way to verify mileage, the odometers can be easily reset. I would want to look at the wear on the bike and how it is maintained. I belive you are looking at very similar engine performance. The Al frame is supposed to handle better, but I have not compared the two.

I would ask if there was $3000 worth of difference between a 6 year old bike and a new one, to you. The 05 could be (or not) a few months away from an engine rebuild at $600 minimum. When I bought my 07, I factored that in to the purchase price, and bought the newer one.

Totally a matter of opinion but I'd get the used one. If you can do the work overhauling the top of the engine, repacking every bearing in the chassis and relining the brakes you'll still probably come in under $3K if the engine is in pretty good shape.

I'm also what's known as a cheap bastard. Something I know I'm gonna beat up will be used cause I would hate to rough up a pretty new one.

Pffft....get the new one if you can swing it (without going into debt). Nothing like a virgin that nobody else has layed a finger on. Do the free mods, get a pipe (94dB max) and JD Jet Kit, sort the suspension and you're set for the next few years.

If you can afford new no problem, go new. You have a known entity.

If money is a little tight, go used if you are a decent wrench. Worst case is you dump a grands worth of parts in it.

I always go new because I have yet to have a person selling used and be 100% honest about it, either due to ignorance or deliberate deception. To me, it is not worth the hassle to discover stuff.

Both bikes are way better than you stock after the free mods and a jetting kit are done.

Well, the 2009 is now gone. I'm going to take a look at the 2005 tomorrow with $2000 in my pocket (and $250 in my shoe just in case it really is in the shape claimed, and the seller will not budge).

If I am going to pay near $7000 for a new one, I'll wait and see if the 2012 gets fuel injection.

Other than looking at the engine cases for wear, any good inspection tips?

Well, the 2009 is now gone. I'm going to take a look at the 2005 tomorrow with $2000 in my pocket and $250 in my shoe....

The limp is a giveaway......:thumbsup:

The limp is a giveaway......:thumbsup:

I learned last time not to get the sock money in quarters...

I get all starry eyed when something looks at least halfway ok. I am glad bikes don't come with metal flake finishes.

I have been looking at CL for a used 2T for a buddy bike, and if it has a ripped seat cover or missing plastic, I think it hasn't been taken care of.

Bought it. $2200. Odometer read 518 and I have no doubt that is original. The case sides are hardly scuffed, frame has little wear, but enough to match the claimed mileage. Runs strong, free mods already done, brand new bark busters, new S12 front and Pirelli MX rear tires (know nothing about this tire)... :thumbsup:

Time to shop for a battery and some good gear with the money I saved!

Thanks for the help,


So the shoe had to come off......

Good for you! Unlike William, I've had nothing but excellent luck buying used, and have never had anyone try to lie to me about the bike they were trying to sell. I found my current one on ebay for a steal. It was such a good deal that even with shipping from Virginia to Montana, it was a no-brainer!!! Having said that, I sure hope my luck continues and doesn't change in the future!!! Maniac

Good luck with the 05. I love mine and its been bullet proof.

Congrats - you got a good bike. WR's run forever.

That's a good price for a new wr450! They want $10,500 before tax for a new one here!

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