2003 yz450f w/ baja light kit (Stator Replacement)

My Beast yz450f needs a new stator, old one damaged & lights dont work

I bought this bike in 2010 with the street legal baja designs light kit, my questions are,

1. stock flywheel puller 27 mm too big, & not sure of size or type of stator in my beast right now. Not OEM for sure, could it be 26 mm flywheel puller similar to a KTM flywheel??

2. can I buy a high output stator with 80/100watt or do i need a different stator, specifically designed for this type of light kit??

3. Can I put the bike in gear,2nd or 3rd and hold down rear wheel brake to remove flywheel,then wrench it off, not needing a puller at all??

The replacement of a stator seems too simple for me to pay the mechanics to do it, thanks for any help

The answer to number two is no. The absolute biggest output available for use on a Gen 1 YZ450 is 55w AC/35w DC, and I don't know of any of them that are reliable. If you can find one, E-Line made an external setup that produced bigger numbers.

On #3, getting the nut off is not the problem. You still need a puller.

Thanks Greyracer, I bought a stator that replaces the OEM stator part#

5SF-85560-00-00, but wanted to see if I should get the high output for the light kit

My flywheel puller is 27mm and seems just a bit too big, wont thread in counter clockwise, could a 26mm puller be the answer, like KTM bikes use or is there a way to find the correct size if I dont know what kind of flywheel is on my bike right now???

It should be an M27x1.0 left hand thread.

No, thats the size I have & its too big but just barely

If the previuos owner replaced his flywheel it could be a different size

I see that KTM,s use this smaller size more like M26x1.0 could an aftermarket flywheel be my issue, I think I will run it down to my local shop have them remove the flywheel

then finish the stator, I didnt think it would be this difficult, would not have been if flywheel was M27x1.0 but it is not. thanks for help

I just had the aftermarket stator on my '07 fail for the second time. Bought the Moose stator and put it on when the bike was new, last year it failed and I sent it off to get repaired. After less then 10 hours on the rewound stator it failed again and l was left stranded on the trail. I'm not going through that hassle any more.

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