carb slider broke help? wr400f 98

hi my wr is not looking to healthy and could do with some ideas please the vaccum seal/ slider? in the carb has snapped a bit of the corner and gone in the engine . split the engine down and thats okay now missed all the valves!! and done no damage :thumbsup: but now needing a new slider? or possibly a new or 2nd hand carb ? any one with ideas dont rearly have a big budget . cheers tom:thumbsup:

Your slide is prone to cracking, gets worse as the carb body becomes worn. Not much you can do other than buying a new slide (and eventually it will crack again) or getting late model carb. There is no cheap fix.

will any later carb fit or is thier a certain one which works works great? ive been reading to and theirs a chance it will make it run smoother, better? cheers

All should fit.

You will need to ensure the TPS is adjusted properly. Hot start changed to a cable though I do not recall when. Any carb from 03 on is a good choice (though I am sure I'll corrected, I hope, if I am mistaken).

Keep in mind, another used carb could be even more worn out than yours, so buyer beware.

With the help/advice of William1 and others I did the same. I replaced my carb with one from a YZ450. I got it off of fleabay for a reasonable price (cheaper than a new part). It bolts right up and works better than the original.

hello ive found a carb on ebay and it would be great help if you could get back to this before 9pm uk time 2moro haha. its a yfz450 carb ?? surely its the same but i'd rather be safe than sorry :thumbsup:

ive found a 39mm keihin carb of a 2007 is that 2 new ? sorry for being such a newbie :thumbsup:

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