Problem in rainy conditions

Hi all!

I've been on thumpertalk for a few years now but never had to post since I have always found answers via the search engine. Some of you on here are simply great!

I've had my 04 wr 450 for about 3 years now and love it, never had any reliability issues.. until today..

I rode for about an hour in some mild rain and the bike ran great as usual. When I stopped to take a break and start it back up maybe 10 minutes later, the red light next to the on\off button wouldn't light up..

I'm suspecting water might have made its way through the button or shorted the circuit draining the battery.

Is there a way to get the WR to start without the battery simply by kick- starting it, like an MX model? Any suggestions as to where water might have made its way?

you have never kicked your bike to start it ? Ever?

Im just trying to understand.

After you shut the bike and went to restart it, the light did not come on. No starter and you didnt try to kick it over

Did you check the battery connections?

There are 2 fuses on top of your battery

Check those. Its something simple

Sorry for not being clear on that..

I do frequently use the kickstart, I meant is it possible to run it without the battery and/or by leaving the switch off, just like an MX bike where the ignition is always ''on'' and there is only a kill switch.

I'll check the fuses, why didn't I think of that.. :thumbsup:

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