Battery for WR 450

I bought cheap walmart battery to get me going and this year it has been working good, See how long it last

Any one use a Turn Tech battery? Love mine about half the weight of stock!

I'm loving the Shorai battery I bought. Super light and cranks like a mofo. Tons better than stock.

My 2005 WR 450 finally dusted the oem Yuasa...

I figure for $115.00, its worth every penny for 6-more years of use with no problems!!!

I looked at the Shorai and its about the same price with only a 1-year warrenty. Ill check back in a couple years to see how long they actually last....!

"Power-Source" makes a decent replacement in the $50.00 range if your on a budget.

I would steer clear of the cheaper "Power-Sonic" brand as Ive seen a couple guys use them off-road and have them "leak" around the edges before crapping out in the middle of no-where.

The Shorai sounds like a good things, the battery in my 2008WR450 just needed replacing and i bought a motobatt, its then proceeded to leak acid throughout my bike. It was returned and exchanged for another new one. Again acid throughout my bike, (battery compartment, airbox, shock protector, swingarm) they are Sh*thouse!

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