WR450 03 to 05 electric start conversion

Can anyone help me with converting my 03 WR450 to use the 05 electric start? I have no idea what parts I need. My 03 starter motor is shot.....new one is $400?

I am also thinking of going with a Recluse and getting rid of the starter all together? The price might be the same?


The starters are interchangeable. Do you have a spare started kicking around?

What does a Rekluse auto-clutch have to do with a starter? And why would having one make you do away with the starter?

One of the greatest things about the WR is the electric starter. Weighs about as much as a big meal, works great when you properly maintain your system (why people insist on not replacing batteries or regulators when they fail is beyond me) and can be the difference in riding out slowly with a broken ankle or laying there in some remote area going "if I only spent the $50 on a battery I could hit the button and go to help".

The issues with the 03 starter are well documented, the solution is simple and fairly cheap, please do a search as it's been covered like 500 times in detail. My 04 starts cold, hot, luke warm, whatever with the electric leg everytime I hit the button. And kicks just as easily because the charging system is maintained.

Just saying. Proper maint does cost money but you gotta pay to play.


Yup, servicing the starter motor is very easy too and often can be be made better than new with some TLC.

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