Screw for odometer knob

Where can i buy the little screw that holds the odometer knob on ? i dont this the dealer sells separate parts for the odo. :)

think * :)

I lost mine. I used a screw from a Triumph T-Bird speedo' knob. Loads of bikes use the same screw, try the dealers/wreckers in your area. I now have a small blob of silicone in the screw hole to stop the screw coming right out. My screw has backed out twice now, but the knob has stayed intact until I go to reset the tripmeter, then it came right out.The second time I used a dab of blue Loc-Tite, good so far. :)

This is a common problem. When I had my 426 I lost the little bugger too.... :)

For the guys that haven't lost them yet, check the screw for tightness and put a little dab of RTV (silicon) to seal off the hole in the end of the knob. This has been a technique I've used to deal with this problem on Yamaha odometers since at least the early 80s.

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