Seat Cover Install Advice

I purchased a new seatcover for my YZ. My question is, should I remove the old one first or just put the new one right over the top of the old one? MXA had an installation tips article and they installed the new one over the old one. I wonder if that would make an already hard seat too hard.

What do you all think?

ROOSTN in Golden

Roostn- I saw the same article, and I also recntly put a gripper seat cover on mine. I took off the old one and saved it. I think, especially if you're putting on a gripper, that you would want to take the old one off... BTW I like this gripper much better than the stocker.


I've always removed the old cover. I spray 3m around the edge of the base & cover but its not needed. Warm the cover before starting and watch your staple length, take your time and work both sides evenly or you can pull the pattern off center. Dont cut excess off till your done. If you screw up or it doesnt look right, so what, pull the staples and start again. Dont expect it to be a 15 min job, I can't believe the workout I get replacing a seat cover LOL


Definitely remove it. The magazine guys must be lazy! Spray some silicone on the foam, too, it will keep moisture from deteriorating the foam.

The cover install isn't too hard if you have a friend. When you are just about to staple and are pressing down real hard on the staple gun, slide the gun and move the cover inward (towards center of seat) to stretch it even further.

You'll love what a nice foam and cover can do. I went with the Guys racing soft normal height-highly recommend it!

Yeah, I read that article too, if I did that I’d just be putting staples on top of staples. I like staple guns...

Anyway that is silly, it only takes a few minutes to get the old one off there.

Full grippers are MUCH easier to put on because they are stretchy. Enough of a reason right there, if you ask me, so that is all I get now. Factory Effex is what I’ve got, this may not be true for the others...

Definitely pull the old cover off, and go buy an electric staple gun!

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