Newer rear wheel for '98 yz400

I want to upgrade the rear wheel on my '98 yz400 and use the larger brake setup from a '99+. Do I need to change my swing arm?

Thanks. Some good info there and it says the newer wheel doesn't fit. Unfortunately it doesn't go into what it takes for the newer wheel upgrade. Sounds like a swing arm swap with a larger slot for the bigger axle from a '99+ would be in order. Hopefully I don't have to change my shock and linkage.

Does anyone know if a '99-'02 YZ400/YZ426 swing arm fits onto the '98 YZ400 frame?

I did some searching, it took a while and the info is a bit vague, but it looks like at least one person has done a swing-arm swap. The '09-'01 400/426 arms will fit but the linkage from the new arm needs to be used. I believe there was a shock length change for the 426 so the '99 linkage or at least the pivot arm from '99 needs to be used with the swap for my year to be able to use my '98 shock. Then the newer brake caliper and newer rear wheel with the larger axle and larger brake disc can be used. My rear brake is not very responsive compared to the 450's I've ridden. Off to e-bay!

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