make my LOUD WB E-series exhaust quieter?!?!

Well, just bought my 99 400F, its tuned all sweet and I'm lovin it. But this thing is friggin LOUD! Anyway, it's got the E series exhaust on it from White Brothers, and upon taking the silencer 'spacer things' out, (like 6 or 7 of them), it has no packing in it!

Holly crap, no wonder! So I guess I better put some in tomorrow, but is just putting packing in it gonna make it that much quieter?

Any CA people know if the E series passes the damn noise emissions in CA???

Thanks, Jeff

Ya I'm in Hollister


Does the Letters S O L mean anything

You best back it with some good density packing

and will probably need on two or three disc's

anything more :D

WB makes a replacement cartridge for their e-series, they also make a quiet insert, not sure if it will pass CA noise emissions though. :)

4 disc's are minimum, add a quiet core like I did and still fail :confused:Bought a FMF Q and powerbomb header, passed until I re-jetted, failed :excuseme:Riding illegal :)

I have the same problem. I have a WB ProMeg with the quiet core insert. Going down to 4 disks with the quiet core still didn't pass (it was still around 100 db @4500 rpm). I haven't tried packing it, but I have only ridden with this pipe for about 6 rides, so my guess is the packing won't make a marked difference. I have been advised to sell it and get a new exhaust. I am still looking at alternatives that will not kill the power and not require the purchase of a new pipe but I am getting less optomistic about my chances. Good luck to you too. As you have seen here in this post, the FMF Q, if it passes the 96bd limit, does so just barely. If any mods are done, you could be toast anyway. How does KTM keep their bikes so quiet, yet powerful?

I was told by Alf the ranger at Stoneyford that to get my bike to pass I would have to run max 5 disks. So I removed 7 and he let me ride. Ran like [@#$%&!], but he let me ride without testing me. :) About the packing, I rode my pipe about 700 miles (which Im guessing the packing was pretty much gone) before it cracked around the base of the silencer, so I sent it back to WB. They basically rebuilt my silencer and repacked it, but I noticed no major noise difference between having packing and no packing. I did notice more power though? I ride mostly non regulated areas, so I dont worry to much about noise (to some people's dismay). My bike runs too good opened up for me to want to plug it up any more than I have to. All I can say is good luck because Im sure I will have to change some time...

I doubt you'll get it to pass. Your bike is traditionally alot louder than my DRZ and mine barely passes. I have the quiet core insert and run 5 disks. I test at 97.5 dbs.


On my 426 with a e-series exhaust i could barely pass at 100dbs with only 5 discs and the quiet core 2.After taking all the discs out it felt like a xr 50. Do you still have the stock pipe?If so get a pro moto setup or get one of the quiet pipes that are out.

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