Graphics removal (revisited)

I know we already discussed this once but, what is the easiest way to remove your OEM graphics prior to installing new ones? Heat gun or chemical?

Roostn in Golden

I think the 2 easiest ways are: 1). Turn the pressure washer on the narrow beam setting and spray them off 2). or spray around the edges with compressed air @ 100psi and it takes them off very quickly :) !

Of course you can do it the "ole fashioned way" by heating it up and getting your fingernails full of adhesive, by pulling it off one piece at a time! Basically what ever floats your boat! All the methods work but some take longer than others!



I get my kicks on a 2001' YZ426!

Friendswood, TX

Dennis Kirk sells some stuff specifically for sticker removal...never used it but a friend told me that it works pretty good....cost about 5 bucks a bottle

Just go buy a Kawi..............

The graphics come off just very simply

Ride It TWICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



That's not thunder ridin' your BUTT .........

It's a whole Damn HURRICANE!!!!!!

Thank MXOldtimer...

I own Rapid Tac Inc. and we make products for both removing and also installing vinyl graphics just like the ones that come on our YZF's. If anyone would like to try Free Samples please email me directly or email my office at . Yes this is for real, I extended this to the readers of , and would like to help show you all how easy dealing with this stuff can be. The easiest way to remove the old Factory stuff is to mildly heat the decal with a blow dryer ( avoid the heat guns on high settings, as you just melt the decal and can really make life a pain) peel the decal slowly off as you keep it pliable and warm, then spray our product ( Rapid Remover ( It is a natural non toxic adhesive remover) on the stick adhesive left behind, wait 90 seconds and whipe off with a paper towell. Pretty simple.

Good luck everyone.


01 YZ426

I,ve had good luck on the Yamaha warning stickers by heating them from under the fender and they peel right off.

Great offer JSB, you can watch for my e-mail soon.

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