programming the CDI module

Good morning forum, I do not know how to even start programming my CDI ignition for alternate performance maps. to start with, what equipment is needed to even start programming, do I need to buy a computer cable for my laptop that will interface with the CDI box? DO I need to buy a program for windows 7 that will allow me to view my CDI settings? I have a 2004 YZ450F? Please help if you can, JON

The stock CDI is not programmable. A real computer wiz might be able to make a program and some sort of a cable to do it, but there is nothing out on the market to do it. If you want to program your CDI you need to buy an aftermarket one that is programmable and comes with software to do it. You also need to know everything about ignition timing curves if you are messing with CDI programming or else you can cause some serious damage.

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