T-4 Pro Circuit Exhaust for XR650r for sale!

I got one for sale..You might have seen my other post about trying to sell it, but the guy that bought it on ebay backed out, so once again I'm trying to sell it. I'm asking for around $200. If you are interested in negotiating prices, etc, please e-mail me at Lakimoo@cs.com or post here. I can get pictures or info you want on it as well. Let me know.

Now asking around $150+Shipping

Complete or just the back half?


For all who care, I was sent pics the pipe looks great!

NO header just the back half & it was in great shape :)


Bump...it's still for sale!

Come on..I know someone wants it for $150+shipping :) I have many pictures available if interested. Lakimoo@cs.com

I just bought a 2000 xr650r and would like to to do the pipe but I dont want one too loud. will this one pass the 96db? I am interested so let me know. Thanks

what's it blow?

do you have differnt inserts for it?

secretatlas - I Private Messaged you.

Just to let everyone know, it has a spark arrestor.

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