Smoking Exhaust....

I know the Yz450s are known for the red header on start up, but my whole exhaust pipe smokes after it runs at idle for maybe 30-60 seconds. It smokes from my header and througout the exhaust system.

Is this common also? Or is this something else?

Thanks thumper talk

Did you spray something on your bike or was it wet?

My crf does that every so often, nothing to worry about. Could be residue from cleaning agents.

Yeah. You likely accidentally got some sort of bike cleaner or lubricant on there. Nothing to worry about if that is the case. It's fairly common for snowmobile guys to spray their exhaust pipe with WD-40 or equivalent to reduce rusting during summer months.

Something on the pipe, nothing to worry about it. Mine tends to do it when I slack the pipe off and push it up/pull it back down when changing the oil filter with oily fingers. Or if you WD 40 your bike after washing it etc. Also it will burn any moisture off if your pipe has sat a bit damp.

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