10/11 450 radiator replacement

Guna have to replace rightside radiator...any good value suggestions ? IMS and Tusk are big price difference but both are reviewed well?? Plus i wana get a smooth fit and be able to use aftermarket braces poss Moose cuz the GYTR braces are crap and the reason i will need to replace it in the first place !!

I have dealt with Mylers...great work, they are in Utah I believe. I have also used Fontana radiator in So Cal...also very quality work
I have also used Fontana radiator in So Cal...also very quality work
Good to know. Contact info?

I sent a YZ250F radiator to Mylers in very bad condition. Got it back in 3 days for $70. You could tell it wasn't new, but it was dead straight and never leaked.

I replaced my left with a tusk, it is a lot wider so I my works connection brace (similiar to GYTR) will not fit on it.

I will get the contact info for Fontana Radiator and post it up tomorrow.

I have sent them some really waffled up stuff and it comes back straight and not leaking. Price has ranged from 30-80 bucks. I believe the 80 was for 2 rads though.

i have used mylers also they do good work, but it yo go with aft-mkt the braces wont fit. I will say before my i had the gytr braces on every time i wiped it seemed i was wrecking another radiator since i have put the braces on not one prob.

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