Glen Helen Race

I was just now able to track down ESPN2's schedule and according to their web site, the Glen Helen race is scheduled for Friday, June 1st at 2:30AM Eastern time. From their track record, they might preempt this broadcast for the Russian Log Tossing competition.

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AMA National’s Television Schedule (from Motoworld).

I have a new system for taping motocross on ESPN. Continuously run 1200 VCR's in sequence. That way, you'll never miss another show on TV again. I have also hired my own TV crew to go to the nationals that I want to see and I pay them handsomely. Oh, my last resort is to go by ESPN's scheduling, which is right 7 1/2% of the time. The other night I wanted to tape Turkish Beer Drinking and it was replaced with Motocross? What gives.

Is anybody aware of another time ESPN2 is going to show the Glen Helen Race. It showed up on the Direct TV menu as being on Sunday 5/27 at 8:00pm but it was drag racing instead, even during the drag race when you toggled back to the menu it showed it as being the Glen Helen Race. Nice work boys. Help!

Dave, thanks for the link. I have been meaning to contact espn2 to give them a piece of my mind. I did get a chance to see Glen Helen on Sunday at 8:30pm just like had posted, even then DirectTV was listing Women's Softball as being on. Next up looks like Sacramento at noon EST on Saturday June 2nd and I remember during the Glen Helen broadcast they said that abc was covering Mt. Morris on Sunday. Don't hold me to it though. I have been chasing espn2 for years. I think a monkey may be deciding what to show and when to show it.


Russian Log Tossing hehehe...

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