What is a wr450f worth

I'm thinking of selling my 2008 wr450f. Its pretty much stock except that I did the usual mods and then plated it.

Looking for some feedback on what its worth.

Thanks in advance



in my area I got my 08 street legal kit etc in brand new condition with just under 200 miles on it for 4500. Hope that gives you an idea

You guys got some smoking deals. I have a well ridden but very solid 2003 Plated that I have been offered over $3,000 for multiple times!

Newman 450,

Anyone who is going to buy your used motorcycle is going to go to the Kelly Blue Book site. Your motorcycle is worth $4,325 Retail. This means completely detailed any broken or obviously worn parts replaced, in top running order, fluids changed and a warranty (30 seconds or 30 feet, but a warranty none the less). Wholesale your motorcycle is worth $2,970 -- this is what a dealer will be willing to give you to take your motorcycle off your hands, assuming it is running, has a clear title and is not thrashed. If you take your bike to a dealer to sell it for wholesale, the reality of life is DO NOT expect to receive the wholesale price above unless your motorcycle has never been ridden and is still in the bubble wrap it came in from the factory. Your motorcycle is worth somewhere in the middle of these two prices on the private party resale market.

There haven't been too many aluminum framed WR450F's sold after the 2008 model year. Remember, from 2007 to 2011, all of the aluminum framed WR450F's are the same except for "bold new graphics". Consider then, are there dealers who are offering new WR450F's for firesale prices? Are there no new WR450F's for sale in your area and everyone wants one? Do you live in Kernville or Los Angeles -- it makes a difference as to what you can expect to receive for your motorcycle.

Look at the CycleTrader and Craigslist for your area. What are comparable year WR450F's selling for used. I think what you will find is that your bike is worth somewhere between the wholesale and retail price listed above. If you start at retail you might find a fool, but it is not likely -- they tend to get hit by cars and die young. I have had the best luck setting a price somewhere between the mid-point of wholesale and retail and the retail price. When I have a live one nibbling at the bait I come down a little bit ($100 or so) and we usually settle in the middle between wholesale and retail.

I've bought and sold a lot of motorcycles over the years and the process outlined above is the way it seems to work.

I'd check the local/nearest craigslist and see what the going rates are.

Having a plate on the bike is a wild card... If you put it in front of the right person here in CA that wants a plated one, you could get a nice price. If you're not in a hurry start high and keep riding it in the mean time.

You have a buyer, right here.

You have a buyer, right here.

Back to blue again:thumbsup:

Back to blue again:thumbsup:

....just might be. I miss my '03, and my '07 :thumbsup::bonk::ride:

Sorry guys, just getting back and found some activity here. I posted it that Thursday morning and it sold that same night. I was kinda sad to see it go.

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