cool blue beats big red

With sm rims and 14/45 gears i pulled a 13.32 at 95.52 mph at the 1/4 mile drags. crf 450 could only get a low 14 sec. :)

that must have felt good :)

A couple of buddies of mine are going to have a 1/4 race on asphalt. One has a WRF450 and the other a CRF450. $100 by the way. :)


In standard trim, the CRF will probably top out at about 80mph or so, wouldn't it? It is an MX bike after all. I think your WR450F riding buddy will be $100.00 richer soon. :)

I'm not shure what gears the crf had, but it was'nt stock. He was almost on the rev limit at the 1/4 . I was 1/2 through 5th at the 1/4. :)

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