clanking noise associated with the e-start

OK you guys, I need some input here. Some times mostly when the bike is hot the electric starter makes a very disturbing clanking sound when I turn it over. I stop and try agin and it usually starts right up but will sometimes do this several times before it catches. I'm worried this may be associated with the flywheel issue.. Anyone else having this problem? :)

Come on guys, am I the only one who has these weird noises associated with their e-start? :):D

I have always had a clanking noise when using my starter. It clanks when you turn it over a few times and it fails to start and it sounds like it kind of kicks back and clanks. My starter has also locked up at a couple of scary places and I dont use it any more and am fixin to remove it and the battery. The motor starts with the kick start so easy that I have about forgotten about the electric start. Just wish I could forget about the $500 Yamaha charged me for it. Some guys love their starters and have had no trouble. It is curious how there could be such a disparity in quality.

The only way to tell is to take the side cover off and look at the gears that go from the starter drive to the main crank. I suspect you have some broken teeth. The impact of skipping a tooth or 2 can during the start crank create a metal to metal impact clanking every rotation. :)

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