P V Motorplex Update?

Hey all you AZOTMXer's, what's the scoop on the new track and the races??

I can provide a viewpoint on my soil sample and the starting gate F. Neither one was fun!!

Should have practiced starts - my bad. I got a little too anxious to catch the pack after stalling off the line and endoed trying to triple the whoop section in the middle of the track. Came away with a sore right hand and a bruised ego...

Anyway, I did enjoy the track in practice. The dirt was better than I expected and overall the races were also. A little disorganized but not as bad as I anticipated since it was their very first race. As you know the wind was not much fun and it was pretty constant but the temps were good on Sunday. The locals said the wind is normal there. The layout was technical, I almost endoed on the gully step up jump also.

I'll put it this way, I liked it better than Canyon but not as much as Speedworld. I'll be back...

Overall, I did like the track although with the massive amount of bikes there were, it became quite chewed up by the end of the day.

I complain more about my lack of ability to deal with a chewed up track than the track because I watched a lot of other guys ride the track a lot faster than I did without much trouble.

Sure was windy though, a gust caught my bike while in the air a couple of times and that really got my attention! I thought they did a pretty good job with the water in the early part of the day but they gave up at the end of the day I suppose because of complaints of too much water? Seems to me that if you want the track to be moist for your moto, water needs to be on the track for the moto before yours. So if the guys after you want any moisture in the track, looks like you get water on your moto too. By the end of the day, the dust was just terrible and the track was very dry. Probobly tough to keep it moist with all that wind blowing.

I had a great weekend, I will likely go back.

Orgainization was pretty bad. I am sure the large bike count was a factor but waiting over 2 hours for moto sheets is nuts. And yes they need to split gates more! using nearly an hour for 2 moto's of 3 or 4 mini quads when you have 200-500 bikes racing is a little silly. And yes, I would say the same thing if it were my class or my kids class.

Dave S

Sorry guys, I'm going to go with two thumbs down. Way too many promises on their web site, way to unorganized, to get a track dug in the parking lot of a Fairground.

Any place that makes Canyon look good is pretty bad. :)

Just my 2 c.


I agree with you on the undelivered promises and that is quite a valid point. I was looking forward to a paved pit, shower, Button autograph and RV hookups. Oh well... Maybe next time.

I guess I just like to race so I will put up with quite a bit before I get disappointed!

Dave S


I liked the track, but at our age (re. OLD) it was a track that took PRACTICE.

There were a lot of sections that could bite you HARD as Paul could attest to. In fact after an all day practice on Sat. there were three sections I did not have the nerve to try (it takes me a while, even though I know I can jump it).

The step-up face after the big Death Pit was intimadating as there was no in-between as you would SLAM into the face. By Sunday it was no problem. The triple whoop section out of the corner that bit Paul took me until Monday to get the balls to try. It was easy, actually overjumped it at first railing the outside berm in practice. During the race I was able to do it from the inside, just clipping the 3rd whoop with my rear wheel. You really had to gas it hard or shut off and do two and one which REALLY slowed you down. The one section I never came to terms with was the DEEP rythmn/whoop section. I only doubled the middle two and there were about six. Next time I need to concentrate on this section more, but it too could bite you hard if not done correctly.

The dirt was great, but when watered was really SLICK!! The layout was good and a lot of work went into the facility.

Overall I give it a thumbs up, but the organization was a thumbs down, as there were 24 races on Sunday and 18 on Sat. They need to double gate more races. We raced until sunset both days and people were getting pissed and left. They had 600 riders on Sat, 500 0n Sunday and 200 on Monday, so the turnout was excellant, but it was frightning at times being on the track with about a 100 riders!!!

My scores were:

Master B: 1 - 1

250 Novice (no OT on Mon): 3-3= 2nd OA

I had a great time, and would consider going back up for open practice.


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Where is PV Motorplex?

Originally posted by Maicoman:

Sorry guys, I'm going to go with two thumbs down. Way too many promises on their web site, way to unorganized, to get a track dug in the parking lot of a Fairground.

Any place that makes Canyon look good is pretty bad. :D

Just my 2 c.

Yes they were too many unfulfilled promise's.

BUT have you ever tried to make a Motocross Facility on a FLAT piece of land? A lot of work went into it, the fencing and haybales for example were A+. The track was fun after enough time on it (I tried to get your ass out there on Sat). :D

You REALLY needed a lot of time on the track to feel comfortable and two motos on Sunday definately was not enough time. Jeez I rode about 6 moto's Sat and still did not have it dialed (it takes the ol guy to build up nerve to do the deadly sections :D ).

By Monday it felt great to ride the track and just the fact there is something different to ride/race on is good for this growing moto community in AZ.

Now Zach on the other hand is going the other way with Canyon, he's putting all his effort into the damn car track and could care less about the moto track it seems. And he wonders why most everyone prefers SpeedWorld.

This is how I rated the PV Facility:

Track: B+

Facility: B

Organization: D

Track Personel : B+ (Lots of Flaggers!)

Effort: A (They were prepping the track Sat & Sun until midnight)

The biggest gripe I had was the fact they need to double-gate more motos, and combine more of the 60 classes. They were 4 or 5 60cc races on Monday!! :)

Hopefully they will figure this out next time. I do not think they were prepared for the HUGE rider turnout.


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G, you provided an accurate assessment of the new PV track.

Maicoman and I are thinking about going to next Wednesday's AZOTMX club meeting, care to join us? What do you guys think about having the AZOT international at PV next year. I think it might workout if we had a big enough turnout. I know I would just stay up there rather than be tempted to drive home each day if we were to have the race in the Phoenix area. F, you're welcome to come with us also if we go - can't remember if your in the east valley or not though?

Westside here, but I may make the drive. At least I can listen to the benchracing even if I can't contribute any!


Where are the meetings at, do they serve Pizza and Beer? If so I will be there! :)


RAIMONDO'S 4622 N. 7th st.

7pm 1st Wed. of month

Good pizza and cold beer! http://www.azotmx.com

Road Trip! Let's plan to meet up somewhere G and Maicoman and eat some pizza and drink some beer, 'um - go to the AZOT meeting Wednesday night...


Can't go with you on this, the place sucked, plain and simple !!!

Everything from the "reserved camping", to our 2 lap motos.

Practice or no practice, when you promise the moon and deliver nothing I feel deceived. :)

Guys, call for meeting carpool ??

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