My first close contact with a recent 250 2-strokes

Yesterday me (wr400, yzedded and plated) went to a trail to do the first run of the year. We still have snow here and trails are plenty of water filled sand, water spot and snow spot. He just bought a piped Cr250 98 and I tried the machine on a couple of 100 feet. This was my first trial of a 250 for 10 years.

First impression, too easy to start, lighweight and a snappy power! After that short try, my wr seemed heavy like a tank and a quiet power deliver, even if power output is high. It was by far easier to handle except for power delivery where wrist action must be better controlled in order to look at the sky only when desired.

However, I have to mention that his motocross tire are a lot better than my mt21/dunlop606. Furthermore, by giving a few clicks on my suspension the bike would feel more lightweight to raise the front wheel.

I did not try the bike on a tight trail where I suspect the wr would be on his land better than a cr250 and this was a quick trial. My friend mention that his bike seems to have a narrow band compared to the wr and he is always ready to shift and cannot cruise on the same gear.

Now, question to guy that had both kind of bike; what is the advantage beside maintenance and tractability of our wr400? I was really impressed by the weight and power of this cr250 but I know many prefert the wr400, why?

However, at the end of the run he installed his 250 on his trailer and me I went at home by road, cruising in the city, being plated, I love that!


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