Starter problem

I'm having an issue with the electric starter. Not the normal screeching noise, I serviced it awhile ago and fixed that. The issue I'm having is that every once in awhile when I push the button I get nothing. No clicking, no trying to spin, nothing. I checked the connections to the button and all seems good. When it does that, I just use the kick starter to start it and then I can use the button after that. Any advice on what to check? Maybe a relay or something gone bad? The weird part is that it works fine most of the time.

It souds like it could be the switch. The kill switch is the same, so all you would have to do is swap the connectors behind the plate to test it. If that doesn't work, check all the connections under the seat.

Just offhand it sounds like it might be a ground. I think the stuff under the seat is going to be a good place to take a look and make sure everything is tight

I have an 05 and I was having a problem where the button would not do a thing, Replaced the battery and it starts like a charm now, the kickstarter always worked. I am putting it on the cheap $10 Harbor freight float charger while its in the garrage, well see how it goes.

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