Best Way to Clean Air Box on WR426

Hey guys, another seemingly simple question.

The other day I put a new air filter in my bike and in the process I planned on removing the air box to clean it out. I removed all the plastics and seat. I removed the tiny bolt up top and the box way free to move around... about half an inch. The only way I could see getting the box out was to remove the sub-frame (I think that what that is). That is a lot of work so my question is: what is the best way to clean the air box out?

I read someone say to cover the intake with a plastic bag and pour some simple green in the and scrub it while still in stalled on the bike. Will this work well? Is this method advised? Seems like it should work okay but I don't want to F anything up.

Thanks guys, I appreciate the help.

I'd remove the airboot.

Some strong arming will get it off and back on. Then cover/seal the carb bell and go nutz on the airbox and the boot.

Okay, I'll give that a shot. The box is pretty dirty and needs a good cleaning but I didn't want to proceed with out some input.

Thanks William!

Best way for thourogh cleaning is to remove it from bike. Yep, pull subframe by removing lower bolts, loosening top bolt and pivot it up.

Once clean, buy a Twin Air air box wash cover. They cost about $30 or so. Pull filter, put clean rag in air boot, install cover spray liberally with your favorite degreaser (I use simple green) wash bike. When wa is complete rinse out air box wioth hose. Will be spic and span. Don't forget to remove rag from airboot before installing clean air filter!


I think the Twin air filter cover palte is a good way to go.

But since i do not have one I shove clean paper towels down the intake and get a solvent soaked rag and mop up the mess then finish with clean paper towels. then i remove the air box drain cap and blast the drain and bottom of the box with comperssed air it comes out pretty clean if you stay up on it.

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